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Arkeen are an Authorized Distributor of Gefran Instrumentation and Sensor Division. We provide the most suitable Gefran device for your process condition

PT. Arkeen Energi Primatama

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Arkeen Energi Primatama

PT. Arkeen Energi Primatama

Arkeen Energi Primatama was established in Jakarta in 2019. We are committed to being the best solution provider for your business and industry. We offer products and services that are designed to optimize your production and help you overcome any issues that may arise in your industry. Our goal is to elevate your yields and improve profitability.


ARKEEN ENERGI PRIMATAMA focuses on gamma scanning services and specializes in providing gamma scanning services with a global team of engineers that give real-time results for refineries, petrochemical, gas plants, pipelines, and offshore support platforms to make better decisions, cost reduction, and operate more safely.

Our Gamma Scanning services include gamma scanning for tower systems (Distillation, Stripping, Dehydration, Fractionation, Regeneration, Absorption, etc.), gamma scanning for separators, gamma scanning for pipelines systems and flooded member detection are online diagnostics that allow inspection of process conditions at internals without interrupting operation to check for mechanical integrity and process performances.

Gefran Pressure Sensor

Gamma Scan

Gamma Scanning is an effective online diagnostic tool that allows the diagnosis of tower/column conditions from mechanical integrity and process performance.

Gefran Pressure Sensor

Pipe Scan

Online non-intrusive inspection to obtain accurate location of blockage or deposit build up using Gamma Scanning Technique.

Gefran Pressure Sensor

Flooded Member Detection

FMD system which online non-intrusively  technique using Gamma Radiation provides instantaneous results of dry, partially flooded, or flooded platform jacket members.

Gefran Pressure Sensor

Leak Study

Leak Study is one of method to identify any unintentional escape of fluid or gas from the system.

Gefran Pressure Sensor

Radiation Protection Consultancy

Our experienced staff is committed to ensuring that you comply with all safety, regulatory, and industry standards.

 Gefran Sensors And Instruments

Instrumentation and Automation component maker from Italy which develop wide variety instruments and components such as: melt pressure sensor, rectilinear sensor, power control, etc.  

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