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Pipe Scan for your Optimal Distribution

“Pipe Scan” is a fast, simple, and straightforward method to detect sludge, deposits, or blockages in industrial process pipelines. Our pipe scanning services use the same basic principle as gamma scanning to accurately evaluate density differences within pipes. By measuring the medium density across a pipe’s diameter using a radioactive source and a nuclear detector. Identifying any fluctuations or deviations from expected results, “Pipe Scan” can detect the presence of obstructions that may be hindering the pipeline’s functionality. Moreover, if the material’s density is known, the thickness of the blockage can be determined with great precision. With its accuracy and reliability, “Pipe Scan” is an ideal solution for industrial process pipelines and can greatly enhance overall system efficiency.

Our pipe scanning service provides a rapid and effective way to locate the exact location and nature of the blockages within the process pipelines. In addition to providing a rapid and effective way to identify the blockages, our pipe scanning service also shortens the amount of downtime needed to remove the blockages. The time needed to locate and remove the blockages is significantly shortened.

Our pipe scanning equipment is a cutting-edge solution that offers a range of benefits over conventional radiography. The equipment is designed to be lightweight, portable, and adjustable, making it easy to move along the pipeline while recording the density of the medium inside. This configuration, together with the light and portable nature of the equipment, allows our team to scan hundreds of feet per hour, depending on the measurement interval. The equipment comprises a rigid frame with a source and detector mounted on opposite sides. The source emits high-energy radiation that passes through the pipe wall and enters the medium inside. The detector, mounted opposite the source, records the radiation that has passed through the pipe wall and medium. The recorded data is then analyzed to determine the density of the medium inside the pipe.


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